Wednesday, 4 April 2012

iPhone 4 User Review

The release of iPhone 4 by apple sparked a sensational breakthrough in the field of smart phones. The iPhone 4 is a known for its physical sleek look that differed from its previous versions and it achieved the love and appreciation of millions of people around the world. This iPhone was packed with lots of updates and better features than the iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS. The features and its reviews after the usage are:

  • The Look of iPhone 4: The iPhone 3 and 3GS has a more thickness as compared to the iPhone 4 due to its curved round back and the later has a very sleek looking straight back with higher sophistication.
  • The Display: The high definition version of smart phone came into being with the iPhone 4 with its feature called 'Retina Eye Display'. This gives the iPhone 4 better screen display that is very to easy to the eye to view and viewer friendly.
  • The Camera: The camera of iPhone 4 is one of the most appreciated new feature from iPhone 3 as the 5MP camera comes with an LED flash and a VGA front camera.
  • The FaceTime: The face time feature is also a new feature of the iPhone 4 which offers the video chatting facility on iPhone 4 and it really is an amazing feature.
  • The Multi Tasking feature: The multi tasking feature of iPhone 4 is characterized by its fast app switching capability unlike the previous versions which can not afford high load of applications at a time. 
  • Battery life: The battery life of iPhone 4 is not at all different from that of its previous versions and it totally depends on how much you do. The standby life of battery is about 30-40 hours while its audio play life is about 10 hours. The battery still needs to improve from its current state of performance in 3G and gaming.

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