Saturday, 31 March 2012

iPhone 3GS User review

The cheapest range of iPhone series is the iPhone 3GS which is retailed in India at around 20K rupees. But honestly speaking there are quite a lot of short comings of this iPhone model. Though the iPhones are of the most desired smart phones in this era, the quick switch of upgrading in the model of iPhone itself is creating all the short comings.
Honest Reviews of my Experience with iPhone 3GS:

  • Like any apple product, the iPhone 3GS is also a superb music playing device and the battery life very good for music.
  • Since the price tag is affordable, this is also an advantage.
  • The screen sense is very good and easy to handle.
  • The iPhone 3GS like other models of iPhone has poor battery life for web browsing and playing games, videos...
  • Lack of flash, face time, low MP of camera makes it unworthy of paying around 20K for which any other brand can fetch one of their bests...
  • The iOS5 which is said to be compatible with iPhone 3GS is not fully true. The OS crashes so often at certain limit of battery and need to reset so often.
  • Since the memory of this model is limited to 8GB, this is one of most undesirable feature of the model which restricts the user at a very low limit.

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