Tuesday, 26 February 2013

BlackBerry 10 review

BlackBerry 10 review
BlackBerry 10 review

BB10 will display up to eight of these active frames, showing your most recently used apps with the latest app appearing in the top-left position.
The main BlackBerry 10 homescreen is comprised of 'Active Frames', technically mini-applications, which give you an overview of information from a particular app and launch the full version when tapped.

Swiping from right to left will take you to the app list, with 16 apps on the screen at any one time.
If you have more than 16 apps, additional pages are added and can be accessed by swiping the same way again, which is familiar territory for iOS and Android users.
It becomes easier once you've played with BlackBerry 10 for a few days, but we fear customers may be turned off in-store when they preview a handset.
As you swipe up over the screen, BB10 will minimise the pane you're viewing and display notification icons down the left side.
This includes icons for new texts, emails, BBMs, social updates and missed calls, and if any of these pique your interest then continue your finger's motion to the right and the screen will slide over to reveal the BlackBerry Hub so you can see who the message is from.

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