Wednesday, 24 October 2012

iPad Mini: Review hands on

The BUILT:Lighter and thinner than we'd thought when watching the Keynote, the iPad Mini fits comfortably in one hand. It shows. The rounded edges are reminiscent of the widely loved iPhone 3G and it feels durable enough to sling in a bag.
It's 7.2mm thin (23% thinner than the big iPad) and 308g (Wi-Fi-only model) light. 
The LED-backlit screen looks fantastic on the 7.9-inch display. Colours are vivid, text is pin sharp, web pages render quickly and, because there's almost a 4:3 ratio going on, you get a lot of content on page.

The back-facing 5MP iSight camera is similar to what we've seen on bigger iPads. Taking pictures or video is easier with one hand, purely because of the Mini's size. In the wild, it's much more manageable than the iPad. Still shots that we took were ok, but 1080p video is more impressive.

iPad Mini Battery:
Apple claims 10-hours and we hope it's close. The third-gen iPad suffered because of the sheer amount of processing power happening and, for the iPad Mini to succeed as a mobile device, battery life will need to be close to what Apple is claiming

iPad Mini release date:

Pre-order starts: October 26.
Buy from 8am on November 2 (WiFi-only)
Wi-Fi + Cellular models available late November

iPad Mini price: From £269

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